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March Marimba Madness

  • The Lily Pad 1353 Cambridge Street Cambridge, MA, 02139 United States (map)

Three projects: One Night

Hashtag - don't miss this great show unlocking the many moods of a fascinating instrument! Join Rolf Landberg (Stockholm, Sweden) and Boston-based movers and shakers Brian Calhoon & Greg Jukes of Marimba Cabaret, and Maria Finkelmeier, to discover a wide range of projects revolving around one instrument: the marimba. Brian and Greg of Marimba Cabaret come together to re-imagine pop and theater tunes with fresh covers, Rolf identifies an array of moods and characters through musical vignettes in his work #marimbagram, and Maria pairs Instagram videos with live electro-acoustic improvisations in #improvadayLIVE!

Doors: 7:30pm
Tickets at the door, cash and card accepted! 
Reg: $15
Students: $10

More about #marimbagram 


Rolf Landberg is a percussionist, drummer, composer and music producer based in Stockholm, Sweden.

"A lot of my music grows out of improvisation. When improvising, I often return to certain patterns and structuresa scale, a mood, a groove, or an emotion. The pieces on Marimbagram are crystallized improvisational ideas. The musical structures have been condensed into short pieces with clear forms. Each piece is completely improvised, recorded in a single take from beginning to end. The exception is the Argentinian tango-inspired ”Crossroads,” which began as an improvisation, but quickly grew into a more substantial piece combining fixed melodies and harmonies with sections of improvisation." Listen here! 

More about Marimba Cabaret

Marimba Cabaret brings a set of songs and stories featuring musical theater, pop hits and classical covers re-imagined for marimba, vibraphone and voice. Greg Jukes and Brian Calhoon play marimba, sing, confess, and (at times) stand 7-feet tall. Guaranteed to include new songs and special guests at each show, there’s something for everyone in this eclectic evening of music.

More about #improvadayLIVE 

#improvadayLIVE merges remixed videos from Finkelmeier's @improvaday Instagram feed with live improvisation! Featuring everything from a piñata to coffee cups, public art sculptures, and iPads, this electro-acoustic project aims to remind us that music really is everywhere! Premiered in 2017 in London at the Open Senses festival, this will be the New England debut!