Water Music

Thursday June 21, 2018, 7:30pm at the Charles River Esplanade

A site-specific, environmental work, Water Music at Make Music Boston was inspired by the Charles River and the many roles water plays in our daily lives. Directed by Maria Finkelmeier, 50 musicians (brass players, percussionists, and singers) performed newly commissioned work by Marti Epstein, C. Neil Parsons, Maria Finkelmeier, Anthony Green, and Manuel Garcia. Performers were interspersed along the Esplanade walkway, and the new works filled the park at sunset on the Summer Solstice. Listeners created their own experience by walking within and around the performers themselves.

Water Music Composers

Surface Tension by C. Neil Parsons
Surface Tension is a study in water's contrasts, from the stillness which allows for activities like skipping stones and crew boat racing to the roiling, churning, crashing of waves (with a quote from Respighi's "Fountains of Rome").

blinding vapours of foam and white-fire by Marti Epstein
blinding vapours of foam and white-fire gets its title from a line in Moby Dick, Marti's favorite book. The piece is meant to depict a giant, rolling wave.

Submergence by Manuel Garcia
Garcia finds the distortion of perception fascinating and important in order to be able to achieve different perspectives of reality. This piece is inspired by the act of being submerged and how a sound world evolves through a strong filter. 

Flow Through by Maria Finkelmeier
Water is essential in sustaining life. Flow Through reflects the power of this compound, bringing awe, serenity, catastrophe, and breath to our planet. 

...op het water ... by Anthony Green
...op het water ... (on the water) is the unfolding of shimmering harmonies, with colors that subtly and violently crash into each other, like waves. It is inspired by the constantly changing surface of many of nature's bodies of water.  

Water Music Performers

Aaron Buede
Aislin Kate Anderson
Alex Kahn
Amelia Thrall
Benjamin Court
Carol Marton
Chris Gunnell
Christian Pickwell
Christine Reif
Cindy Giron
Collin Tyrrell
Daniela Noemi Fanelli
Danielle Moreau
Danielle VanTuinen
Deborah Ibanez
Elizabeth Anker
Eric Stilwell
Jacob Richman
James Monaghan
Jason Huffman
Jason McCool
JingXiao Zeng
John Kafalas
Julia Austenfeld
Justin Coyne
Justin Stanley


Kat Dobbins
Ken Field
Laura Jordan
Leonard Bruenning
Levi Schmitt
Liam Sheehy
Lindsay Vasko
Lucy yao
Marina Krickler
Mario Elizalde
Matt Sharrock
Matthew Visconti
Mei Endo
Michael Brown
Michael Tybursky
Michele Kruske
Mitchel Wong
Neil Parsons
Nicholas Samuel
Nick Stevens
Paulina Mercado
Peter Charig
Pooja Usgaonkar
Sam Schmetterer
Thomas Schmidt
Wyatt Posig

This project was made possible by the Esplanade Association, Northeastern Center for the Arts with support from The Cricket Foundation, Cambridge Arts Council, Boston Cultural Council, and private donors.