Amid the noise

April 21, 2017@ Le Laboratoire Cambridge 

Kadence Arts presented the New England premiere of composer/performer Jason Treuting’s evening-length, multimedia, large ensemble work Amid the Noise on April 21, 2017. Pulsating drones, ambient noise textures, and subtly shifting rhythms bound this collection of ten pieces for mixed percussion, voices, and strings. Described as “a remarkably beautiful and atmospheric work” (All About Jazz), the performance took place at Le Laboratoire Cambridge, in Cambridge, MA. 

Amid the Noise_2.jpeg

A patient study of musical spaces, the work’s modular structure and flexible instrumentation provide a unique opportunity to assemble a diverse team of outstanding musicians from Boston and the wider region. Participants included: members of the Boston Conservatory Percussion Ensemble, as well as professional percussionists Greg Jukes, Maria Finkelmeier, Mike Hardin, Bonnie Whiting, and Drew Worden. Mr. Treuting made a special appearance performing two movements of the work alongside long-time collaborator Cenk Ergun. A string quartet consisting of members from New England Conservatory, led by Beth Meyers, rounded out this extraordinary collection of musicians. The band’s hyper-local-meets-standout-regional flavor cut a distinctive profile, making for a compelling addition to Boston’s musical season.

A founding and current member of the influential quartet, Sō Percussion, Jason Treuting has appeared in performance throughout the world, from the Barbican to Lincoln Center, to the Concertgebouw, DOM Moscow, Walt Disney Hall, and elsewhere. His compositions, noted for their compelling rhythmic language and evocative expressivity, have been performed by artists including Shara Nova, the JACK Quartet, TIGUE, Shen Wei Dance Arts, and others.

Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. - Max Ehrmann’s “Desiderata”

Photos by Leighanne Sturgis

The Amid the Noise Band:

Jason Treuting, composer
Beth Meyers, musician (Princeton)
Cenk Ergun, musician (Princeton)
Maria Finkelmeier, producer & Kadence Quartet
Greg Jukes, producer & Kadence Quartet
Drew Worden, Kadence Quartet
Mike Hardin, Kadence Quartet
Doug Perkins, Boston Conservatory, professor
Bonnie Whiting, University of Washington, professor
Austin Birdy, Boston Conservatory
Joanna Chen, Boston Conservatory
Evan Grover, Boston Conservatory
Gabriella Mayer, Boston Conservatory
Travis Newman, Boston Conservatory

Ben Pitt, Boston Conservatory
Reed Puleo, Boston Conservatory
Francesca McNeeley, New England Conservatory
Jack Mobley, New England Conservatory
Sam Weiser, New England Conservatory
Lilia Volodina, musician (Boston)
Gordon Williams, musician (Boston)
Tim Nylander, musician (Boston)
Misha Thomas, musician (Boston)
Joshua Joseph, Berklee
Chase Roork, Berklee
Grace Herzog, Berklee
Dennie Suozzi, Berklee
Nicholas Samuel, Boston Univeristy 

AMID the Noise Full Length Video

“This program was supported in part by a grant from the Boston Cultural Council, a local agency which is funded by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, administrated by the Mayor’s Office of Arts + Culture.”