Inuksuit 2016

Named one of the "Top 10 of the year in classical music" by the Boston Globe! 

On June 12, 2016, Kadence Arts and The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University hosted the Massachusetts premiere of John Luther Adams' Inuksuit among the towering oaks and inviting conifers. 

Scored for 9 to 99 percussion players who are meant to be widely dispersed in an outdoor area, John Luther Adams' Inuksuit has been described by the New York Times as "the ultimate environmental piece," while the New Yorker's Alex Ross hailed it as "one of the most rapturous experiences of my listening life."

Kadence Arts Staff: 
Producer: Maria Finkelmeier
Artistic Director: Amy Garapic
Project Assistant: Greg Jukes

Click here to read our Preview in the Boston Globe by David Weininger, 6/9/2016

Photo: Adam DeTour 




Kadence Arts Ensemble:

Mike Anderson
Amy Lynn Barber
Justin Barish
Sarah Brooks
Brian Calhoon
Caitlin Cawley
Mark Haygood
Laura Jordan
Catherine Lee
Julian Loida
Ana Lorenzo
Rose Martin
Craig McNutt
Jeff Means
Noah Petti
Ben Pitt
Anna Provo
Dominic Ryder
Sam Schmetterer
Matt Sharrock
Greg Simonds
John Smigielski
Chris Swist
Nick Tolle
Mary Jordan
Aaron Trant
Danny Vozzolo
Clara Warnaar
Mike Williams
Lindsey Hartfelder


Liz Anker
Lisa Anna
Megan Arns
Michael Avitabile
Beth Barber
Joshua Carrasal
Dan Whitelock
Ben Fraley
Amy Garapic
Marie Ghittman
Cindy Giron
Anthony Henry
Chris Homick
Matt Hudson
Darren Long
Jesey Meche
Don Metz
Dan Pfeiffer
Maria Price
Rachel Pfeiffer
Erin Rogers
Jessi Rosinski
Liam Sheehy
Alex Stening
Dennis Sullivan
Misha Thomas
James Vought
Eric Dill
Pam Wasko
Lindsey Kanaga
Katie Tingley

Matthew Bronson
Una Cheng
Carey Citak
Adam Dipersio
Maria Finkelmeier
Karl Grohman
Sarah Hale
Mike Hardin
Reyna Herrera
Jon Hess
Stephen Hutson
Bill Manley
Tim Nylander
Ayami Okamura
Jonathan Padilla
Dan Pessalano
Alex Pugsley
Kristi Pugsley
Scott Quade
Noah Rosen
Sam Solomon
Jeff Stern
Aaron Taub
Chris Vought
Gordon Williams
Nian Shee Yon
Michael Zell
Kyle Harris
Sayun Chang
Daniel DeSimone



Arnold Arboretum at Harvard University 

Anonymous Gift 

Cricket Foundation 

Boston Cultural Council

Percussive Arts Society

and attendees of the March 24 fundraising concert & online contributors. 


Inuksuit is a 75-minute work by American composer John Luther Adams. Translated as “to act in the capacity of the human,” an inuksuit is a stone marker used by Alaskan Inuit people to navigate the featureless expanses of the tundra. Inuksuit of varied styles and sizes are found marking important sites — migration routes, fishing grounds, memorials — throughout the aboriginal areas of Alaska and Canada. Adams uses this singularly Arctic symbol as a means to require the performers and the audience to confront fundamental questions about who we are, where and how we live, what it means to act in the capacity of a human in an environment in crisis.

Inuksuit is meant to be played by nine to 99 players dispersed in a large outdoor area, using an incredible array of instruments including conch shells, air raid sirens, gongs, bells, shakers, drums, cymbals, and glockenspiels. It is the ultimate environmental piece, designed to heighten our awareness of the sights and sounds that surround us every day and to energize our experience of our own environment. The work has been performed around the world — in Melbourne, Toronto, Chicago, Berkeley, Lisbon, the Hague, and Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and was recognized among the most memorable performances of 2011 in New York City by the New Yorker, Time Out New York, and New York Magazine.